Chicago 2

12 Nov

I’m in Chicago now, and we just got done working for some very grateful people, putting plastic up on their windows. We’re about to go to Michigan Ave for a scavenger hunt, then to the women’s shelter.
I hope everyone’s having a great day!



11 Nov

I’m in Chicago for the weekend. Tonight, we’re going to Coyote Logistics to discuss some business systems, then tomorrow volunteering at H.O.M.E. and REST.

H.O.M.E. helps low-income seniors in Chicago maintain their independence by providing services such as home maintenance and repair, shopping transportation for those with limited mobility, or just about anything that is essential to their well being – for free.

REST serves the homeless population by providing permanent and emergency housing, as well as education in developing life and employment skills. These people are those in the most dire need, and often do not have a warm place to stay on cold nights. The first snow happened just before the weekend we will be serving these people, so I assume the shelter we will be working on will be packed, and it will not be difficult to fill every space.

Sunday, I’ll post my reflections on this weekend and how everything goes. I’m sure it will be an enlightening experience.

I Have No Idea What to Blog About

11 Nov

Except for how much I HATE this ad. Why does she want to EAT HER CHILDREN?? Why does she regret NOT eating her children? Why does this ad promote CANNIBALISM???

Cop-out post

9 Nov

I’m sick. And very tired. And contemplating a nap. So, this is a cop-out. It’s still a post.

DIY Pretties!

8 Nov

I love everything DIY. I recently made some cute stemmed vases from a few candle sticks and vases from the dollar store, and some glue:

I found the instructions here while looking for a cheaper way to make wedding centerpieces, and made these for about $12 (total, including the filler), but I wouldn’t suggest Gorilla Glue because it dries white.

Today, while surfing Pinterest, I came across this:

Here, which I hope to make soon.

These glasses:

From Something Turquoise, that my mom might end up getting for Christmas in red and green because I know she’ll love them. And then I’ll make them for myself for when I have my own house and my own Christmas parties.

I fell in love with these:

From here. Because anything that has to do with using wine bottles is alright in my book! I’d probably use iridescent seed beads and/or glitter instead of epsom salt because I like shiny things.

What are you making? Are you on Pinterest? Do you want an invite?


7 Nov

I haven’t written in 3 days. I need to take a day off of blog to write my novel. Sorry!

Photos: Fall

7 Nov

Here’s some photos of fall that I’ve been taking recently. Fall makes me smile.

Have a great day/night/week!