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A new dawn, a new day, a new blog

17 Jan

I’m channeling Jennifer Hudson over here. Anywho, I’ve gotten a new blog which is (mostly) up and running at this point. You can go check it out at I’ll be moving old posts gradually along with posting new content, so head over and check it out!


Switching to Blogger

29 Nov

I’m seriously considering switching to Blogger. The fact that I can’t have ads on WordPress is really affecting my decision. I need 25,000 views a day to put ads on my blog? LAME. I guess I’ll have to think about it.

Edit: Of course, after I write this, WordPress announces WordAds, but that required a custom domain… still not sure…

Halloween Weekend

28 Oct

Happy halloween! I juat left a live Rocky Horror performance, and it’s my birthday weekens, so be safe and have fun!