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Konad Nail Art

18 Nov

The other day I mentioned that I wanted a Konad nail art system, and these videos are why. All I know about it is from YouTube videos, but what I’m seeing makes me want it.

Onto the videos.

Most of the Konad plates, from what I’ve seen, are cute like this princess bow. I also really like rhinestones.

I’m a big fan of lace, so this lace and rose design is perfect.

“Street style”

Zombie girl

Rainbow houndstooth.


Random Product Love

18 Nov

I’ve been coming across some pretty cool stuff lately, none of which I own, but all of which I thought I’d share. So, without further ado, enjoy some random product love.

1. American Apparel interlock running shorts

2. Plasticland Magic Wand Salt and Pepper Shakers

3. Zgallerie Paquet Pilar Holder

4. Serena Antique Mercury Glass Candle Holders

5. Pottery Barn Basilica Pillar Candles

What do you want to buy? Or have people buy for you?

More (fantastical) nail art

15 Nov

After my last post, I discovered a ton more nail art videos. Some of them are far from simple, but like I said, I really LOVE nail art! I obviously need to expand my nail polish collection so I can do some of these (like the Phineas and Ferb ones!!) but for now I guess I can just drool and start a list.

These Powerpuff Girls nails from I Have A Cupcake are a total throwback to my childhood and I love them! They’re super detailed (like most of the nails on this list), but the artist opened my eyes to using acrylic paints instead of polish. I know there’s a lot more colors, and they’re definitely a lot cheaper.

These soda nails actually started my obsession with nail art. They’re the logos from a number of large sodas, and they’re intricate and well done. I wish I had the patience to try them! Maybe I’ll do one.

Water marble is one of my favorite designs, albeit very tedious, and this video has a great technique. I read up on it the first time I did it, and if you don’t want to use tape, putting chap stick on the skin around your nails (and all the way up your fingers) is my preferred method over the tape method. I would definitely suggest looking at a bunch of videos like this one, and this one, and really anything in the “water marble” search results on YouTube. Especially this playlist.

These might be some of the most creative nails I’ve seen. I love it when all of the nails relate to one another, so theseĀ  Pikachu nails might be happening on my fingers soon.

I found these Phineas and Ferb (Perry!) nails while looking at the penguin nails from my last post. Perry was on her thumb and shown in the video, and I’m really excited to do them when I get the colors. I love Perry!

What are you favorite nail designs? Do you love Perry too? Go watch Phineas and Ferb.

Nail Art

14 Nov

One of my favorite things to do when I get bored is my nails. I love to do little, mini art that a ton of people see and compliment. Yes, I’m fishing. So, when I’m not cooking or napping or doing homework, I’m either looking for new ways to do my nails, or doing my nails!

I would absolutely love a Konad for some AWESOME designs, but since I don’t have one, I’m going to feature some videos that I’d love to try (or have tried!) that I think look cool.

This one is a splatter design that I hope to try soon. I did something similar two years ago, but I just dotted the nails and did some drip and pull type stuff. I like this more-random look. Plus it looks a lot easier than what I did!

This one is just epic. I have a brush now, so it’s theoretically possible to do, but my nails aren’t long enough, and it’s super intimidating. Hopefully sometime though!

These are just cute. I’m a big fan of penguins, and I think they’d go really well for a winter look. I’d totally do blue nails with white snowflakes and these cuties on the index fingers. CUTE!

I just found this one and fell in love. It’s cute and simple, and if I didn’t just do my nails, I’d try it.

This is what’s on my nails right now. I always loved Lisa Frank when I was little, but plain and non-licensed notebooks and folders were cheaper so I never got any LF. I actually still like like it, but can’t justify buying any. I guess my nails will have to do until I have a daughter to spoil. Or a niece. Which will be hopefully soon, because my best friend just found out she’s pregnant and I’m really hoping it’s a girl (so sick of my friends having boys!)

Do you like nail art as much as I do? How do you feel about Lisa Frank? Do you think it’s going to be a boy or a girl?

DIY Pretties!

8 Nov

I love everything DIY. I recently made some cute stemmed vases from a few candle sticks and vases from the dollar store, and some glue:

I found the instructions here while looking for a cheaper way to make wedding centerpieces, and made these for about $12 (total, including the filler), but I wouldn’t suggest Gorilla Glue because it dries white.

Today, while surfing Pinterest, I came across this:

Here, which I hope to make soon.

These glasses:

From Something Turquoise, that my mom might end up getting for Christmas in red and green because I know she’ll love them. And then I’ll make them for myself for when I have my own house and my own Christmas parties.

I fell in love with these:

From here. Because anything that has to do with using wine bottles is alright in my book! I’d probably use iridescent seed beads and/or glitter instead of epsom salt because I like shiny things.

What are you making? Are you on Pinterest? Do you want an invite?

Photos: Fall

7 Nov

Here’s some photos of fall that I’ve been taking recently. Fall makes me smile.

Have a great day/night/week!

Decorating: Collections

2 Nov

Yesterday, I was stumbling and I came across this. “This” is pictures and ideas of 40 different living rooms, and from “this” (ok, I’ll stop doing that) I saw four awesome photos of collections that I love.

I especially love the first one, with the silver platters on the wall. I’m not a big fan of the texture on the wall, but I collect silver, and would love it if I could do this on a wall in my house (you know, when I get one). It’s a great way to feature an odd collection (such as plates or silver platters)

The second one is awesome because I love letters. You can find type setters blocks at antique stores, giant letters and places like Marshall’s and TJMaxx, JoAnn’s and Michael’s have paper mache and wooden letters that can be painted, decoupaged, whatever. I’ve seen giant letters at Pottery Barn, West Elm, and everyone has mugs and pretty much anything with a monogram.

I love clocks. And I love knowing the time in other cities. I first saw this here years ago while stumbling, but I also really love this way of displaying clocks:

I actually plan to do this at some point, if I can ever find cheap mechanical alarm clocks!

Finally, I’m in love with frame collages. Young House Love has an entire hallway of picture frames, collaged together, and I WILL do this.

You can see more of this here. And here. Now, I’m off to do more NaNo sprints.

What inspires you to design? Do you like these ideas? How to you feel about textured walls?