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Bucket List

21 Oct

Yesterday, I mentioned that blogging for 30 days was on my bucket list, so I thought I should share my whole list (Including the ones that have been crossed off). This isn’t my first bucket list, and it doesn’t include everything from my old bucket list, but this one is much more mature than what I made in high school.

Here goes:

  1. Buy a house
  2. Finish writing a book
  3. Blog every day for a month
  4. Own a DSLR
  5. Have kids
  6. Take a cooking class
  7. Take a photography class (not the one in high school)
  8. Publish a book
  9. Make mac and cheese from scratch
  10. Earn money blogging
  11. Build the dream house
  12. Sell something on Etsy
  13. Visit Australia
  14. Visit England
  15. Travel Europe
  16. Visit Japan
  17. Visit the Czech Republic
  18. Visit Germany
  19. Learn German
  20. Take part in NaNoRiMo
  21. Read Pride and Prejudice
  22. Take a hot air balloon ride
  23. Model in a runway show
  24. Own a beach house
  25. Travel all 50 states
  26. Go snowboarding
  27. Learn to surf
  28. Be on minute to win it
  29. Be in a magazine
  30. Take a bartending class
  31. Run a 5k
  32. Walk a 10k
  33. Run a 10k
  34. Start a scholarship program
  35. Camp on the beach
  36. Go base jumping
  37. Be self-employed
  38. Write an Android app
  39. Speak as a motivational speaker
  40. Build a Koi pond
  41. Go skydiving
  42. Go to Las Vegas
  43. Dance with Chris (Oct 1, 2011 at Andie and Jim’s wedding)
  44. Walk a 5k (Oct 15, 2011 at Kalamazoo Strides Against Breast Cancer)

Obviously, it’s more travel than anything else. When I double it, I’ll probably post again.

What’s on your bucket list? What should I add? Why am I still wasting time doing things like napping when I could be blogging? Why is Morgan Freeman SO awesome?


Blogging about blogging

20 Oct

I was on Twitter earlier, and I saw a tweet from Antonio Neves about an article by Chris Brogan about blogging. The article, Haven’t Had Time to Blog, kind of hit me in that little soft spot and I got mad. Mad at myself for neglecting my blog. Mad at myself for taking pictures for tons of blogs, and leaving them on my phone. Mad at myself for spending more time on Stumble Upon than here. Mad at myself for starting a blog and then saving in, forgetting about it. Mad for wasting more time when I could be doing things that can somehow benefit me in some way.

Why haven’t I been writing a backlog of blogs? Why haven’t I posted anything since August? Why do I waste time on facebook and Stumble Upon, when I could be here, discovering myself and putting awesome things (like pie and weddings) out into the world?

So today, I’ve set myself a goal. Starting now, I’m going to post a blog every day for 30 days. It’s on my bucket list, anyway, so it can’t hurt to try. I have a ton of stuff to talk about, recipes, weddings, how my major has ruined my relaxation time, so WHAT AM I DOING?

And when I’m not here, blogging, I’m going to be designing some ads for my portfolio, baking, and participating in NaNoWriMo. I’m also going to be putting my posts on facebook, because I put everything out there ANYWAY, so why not?

Here goes…

What are you blogging about? What are your goals for the next month or so? What are you getting me for my birthday?
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To-do lists

3 Apr

I don’t make to-do lists. To me, a to-do list is a list of things that you could get done at some point in time. There are no “to-do by” dates, it’s just a list of tasks, that you need to do, at some point. I tried to keep a to-do list last year. It was one page, with a number of tasks written on it – things I needed to buy, places I needed to go, and assignments I needed to get done. As I finished each task, I crossed it off the list. Things would be crossed off as time progressed, and eventually, I moved on to a second page.

The problem was, there were a few things on my list that just sat there, waiting to be crossed off. By the time I stopped writing the list, I still had “write a chapter” at the third spot on the list, along with a smattering of other to-dos that never got to-done. At a loss for what to do, I spent some time without a list, forgetting assignments and spending a lot of time running back and forth to the store, getting things that I forgot to get. I realized that I needed something, but a to-do list wasn’t it.

My self-motivating solution was goal lists. “You have to do this” sounds a lot like an order to me, but a goal is just that – a goal. It’s something that I want to do by a certain time in order to not feel like a failure. I have a daily goal list, a weekly goal list, yearly goals, life goals, and a bucket list.

I almost always put my daily goal list on my facebook (I should probably start using my twitter for more than just Foursquare updates). Right now it says “writing a blog and working in Indesign.” Those are my daily goals. I’m going to finish this blog, and I’m going to work on some of the things for my portfolio (so I can actually get something up here). This usually includes assignments that are due the next day, or things that I just want to do.

My weekly goals are mostly just things that I want to finish by the end of the week. When I was working on getting this blog set up, I was in the middle of a busy week, so I decided that if I was ever going to finish it, I would need to put all of the trivial things out of my mind – like playing games and going out – buckle down, and get it done. I was done with it two days early because of my goal list. This week, I made it a goal to finish my resume before Sunday. At 2 AM, I finished my resume. Two versions, actually. It gives me a sense of pride to accomplish my goals.

Yearly goals are things more like “get this internship” or “graduate in December” or “move out by March of next year”. Obviously, yearly goals are dependent on what happens to be going on at the moment they are happening. Obviously I won’t be able to move out in March if I don’t have a full-time job by January, but that’s part of the goal. Yearly goals are also obviously different because they aren’t hinged on December 31st like weekly goals are hinged on Sunday, they’re more abstract.

But not as abstract as life goals. Life goals are things like “get married by 26” and “have kids by 30” and “work in this position at this company”. These are completely different from my bucket list goals, which have nothing to do with a time limit, other than my life. My bucket list is more like a to-do list than anything else. It’s things like “go to Paris” and “write a book”. It’s things I want to do eventually, but I’m not going to put a time limit on it.

That’s how I reach my goals. I know a to-do list works for a lot of people, but if you’re not one of them, try a goals list. It really is a complete change.