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“T” shirts

25 Mar

So, the other day I was looking at fonts, and I came across these – five shirts made to look like Helvetica, Caslon, Bakersville, Courier, and Coopers Black fonts. I’m in love. They were designed by Masashi Kawamura, who designed an awesome Axe billboard where a picture of a woman wearing a white shirt it sprayed with water every hour. Pretty sweet design if you ask me, but I wonder if the people in the square would also be sprayed with water? Or at least back-spray.

That’s neither here nor there. I’m in love with these shirts, especially the Cooper Black shirt that is at the top of the page. I’m less of a fan of the other four because they have to be stretched around something to retain the shape of the letter,  but I’m a fontophile, so anything regarding fonts is just beautiful to me. I also love clothing especially clothing with unique design elements, and I would love to try to replicate one of these tops.