About Me

Hi, I’m Kim (but I hope you already figured that out)

I’m an advertising major at Western Michigan University. I’m graduating in December, but I have no idea what comes after that.

I’m also really bad at writing about myself.

I’m interested in everything, and I love to learn. I spend most of my spare time learning about random ideas that pop into my head. My master tool is Google. I like to call it my best friend.

I don’t like to lie or people who lie. I especially don’t like ads that lie. If your product doesn’t work, you shouldn’t be telling  people that it works. I like righteous companies who are honest about their products – it’s the only way to truly succeed in my eyes.

I love my Bobble, and I try to convince everyone I know to buy one.

I love my Moshi, even though she’s kind of schizophrenic.

I’m also a Deltasig. Shout out to my brothers.

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