DIY Pretties!

8 Nov

I love everything DIY. I recently made some cute stemmed vases from a few candle sticks and vases from the dollar store, and some glue:

I found the instructions here while looking for a cheaper way to make wedding centerpieces, and made these for about $12 (total, including the filler), but I wouldn’t suggest Gorilla Glue because it dries white.

Today, while surfing Pinterest, I came across this:

Here, which I hope to make soon.

These glasses:

From Something Turquoise, that my mom might end up getting for Christmas in red and green because I know she’ll love them. And then I’ll make them for myself for when I have my own house and my own Christmas parties.

I fell in love with these:

From here. Because anything that has to do with using wine bottles is alright in my book! I’d probably use iridescent seed beads and/or glitter instead of epsom salt because I like shiny things.

What are you making? Are you on Pinterest? Do you want an invite?


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