Halloween: Decorations

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!! I mentioned the other day that I’m totally in love with Halloween, so I’m going to continue talking about it.

I like to plan parties that don’t happen, possibly because I’m crazy, possibly because when I do have a kick-ass Halloween party, I want it to be kick-ass. Obviously, part of an awesome Halloween party is awesome, spooky, creepy decorations, or else it’s just a costume party. I want the best, spookiest house on the block, and that’s all in the details.

Martha Stewart has some of the coolest Halloween craft ideas on her website, though some of them are cutesy kid stuff. If that’s the kind of party you’re having, go for it, but I for one probably won’t be using the idea for the glowing ghosts or the tin-can jack-o-lantern any time soon.

I do, on the other hand, plan to use the spider egg sac as soon as possible.

Midwest living also has some great ideas, but more of theirs are grown up. There’s tons of recipes out there for Halloween, and I’ll be featuring those soon. I probably should have started this series before Halloween, but now you can start preparing for next year!

What are you doing for Halloween? Are you excited for my birthday? What did you get me?

Edit: HELLOOOOO to the people who find me through Stumble Upon!


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