Sucker Punch

26 Oct

I recently stumbled across a site with Redbox codes, where you can get 1 night rentals for free. You can find that here if you’d like. I cancelled my Netflix account when they started all that price raising crap, and free movies are always awesome, especially since I often go to Walmart and completely empty the $5 movie bin into 2-3 carts, searching for new movies… I might have a problem.

So last week, I rented (free, of course) Sucker Punch, which came out this year.

I wasn’t expecting much, but it was a surprisingly good movie. Not one that I’ll pay full price for, but I definitely plan to buy it when the price is right. It’s a story about a girl who is institutionalized after accidentally killing her sister. It has one of my favorite Bjork songs in it – Army of Me, which is always a plus.

The girl goes to the home, and is scheduled for a lobotomy, then while she’s in the chair, starts fantasizing about how she’s really in a strip club/whore house, where she fantasizes about a series of tasks leading to the escape of her and a few of the other girls from the whore house.

I’d definitely give it a solid 3/5 stars, because it was good, but felt more like it was trying to be a live action anime and a video game at the same time. If it was a game, I’d totally play it.

I’m probably going to post a few more movie reviews, because my movie collection is formidable and I have a lot of movies to review. I’m always buying more (some that I’ve never seen before) at Walmart if they look interesting. I have over 100 movies, and I’m always watching them (or at least have them on in the background while I do something else) so there will be a number of reviews on my end soon.

I should be posting some more recipes soon as well, so watch for those.

What are you watching? Have you seen Sucker Punch? What did you think?


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