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Halloween: Decorations

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!! I mentioned the other day that I’m totally in love with Halloween, so I’m going to continue talking about it.

I like to plan parties that don’t happen, possibly because I’m crazy, possibly because when I do have a kick-ass Halloween party, I want it to be kick-ass. Obviously, part of an awesome Halloween party is awesome, spooky, creepy decorations, or else it’s just a costume party. I want the best, spookiest house on the block, and that’s all in the details.

Martha Stewart has some of the coolest Halloween craft ideas on her website, though some of them are cutesy kid stuff. If that’s the kind of party you’re having, go for it, but I for one probably won’t be using the idea for the glowing ghosts or the tin-can jack-o-lantern any time soon.

I do, on the other hand, plan to use the spider egg sac as soon as possible.

Midwest living also has some great ideas, but more of theirs are grown up. There’s tons of recipes out there for Halloween, and I’ll be featuring those soon. I probably should have started this series before Halloween, but now you can start preparing for next year!

What are you doing for Halloween? Are you excited for my birthday? What did you get me?

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31 Oct

So, I went to post a blog, and my internet won’t work. I’ve tried everything I can think of, and stayed up an extra hour just trying to figure this out. There will be a real blog or 2 tomorrow.

Halloween: Pumpkins

29 Oct

I love Halloween! Not just because of my birthday (which is a major plus), or the free candy (also a plus), or being able to dress up and be whatever you want to be. I love fall, and Halloween decorations, and pumpkins! Recently, I’ve been looking at ideas for Halloween decorations for a house I don’t own, for parties that aren’t going to happen any time soon, and I’ve fallen in love with some pumpkins.

I think these are from Martha Stewart and Midwest Living, or something like that. I really love the painted pumpkin tree on the book shelf. It screams “fall” to me, and you can still use them to make tasty, tasty things with later.

Clearly, I’m a big fan of white pumpkins, and I really love the spider web one. The carved twigs on the bottom left are adorable, and make me smile whenever I look at them, and the bottom right, which is actually images decoupaged onto a pumpkin, made me fall in love. It’s creepy and pumpkiny all at the same time!

I actually went overboard at the pumpkin patch this year and bought two huge pumpkins. I only carved one, and the other one sat there in its 20 lb glory, mocking me, laughing at me because I live in an apartment and can’t even display jack-o-lanterns outside. I gave it to my 2 year old nephew today because he’s an awesome pumpkin carver.

Halloween Weekend

28 Oct

Happy halloween! I juat left a live Rocky Horror performance, and it’s my birthday weekens, so be safe and have fun!

Pretty pictures of flowers

28 Oct

I keep forgetting I have to post. I’ve been doing well for the past 7 days, posting before midnight, every day, but today I’m going to come in right under the wire. I’m also being lazy by just posting some pictures of flowers that I’ve taken over the past year. This is probably going to happen every now and then, to be honest, because I like pretty pictures and this is easy.

I didn’t make it, but I’m going to pretend I did.

Sucker Punch

26 Oct

I recently stumbled across a site with Redbox codes, where you can get 1 night rentals for free. You can find that here if you’d like. I cancelled my Netflix account when they started all that price raising crap, and free movies are always awesome, especially since I often go to Walmart and completely empty the $5 movie bin into 2-3 carts, searching for new movies… I might have a problem.

So last week, I rented (free, of course) Sucker Punch, which came out this year.

I wasn’t expecting much, but it was a surprisingly good movie. Not one that I’ll pay full price for, but I definitely plan to buy it when the price is right. It’s a story about a girl who is institutionalized after accidentally killing her sister. It has one of my favorite Bjork songs in it – Army of Me, which is always a plus.

The girl goes to the home, and is scheduled for a lobotomy, then while she’s in the chair, starts fantasizing about how she’s really in a strip club/whore house, where she fantasizes about a series of tasks leading to the escape of her and a few of the other girls from the whore house.

I’d definitely give it a solid 3/5 stars, because it was good, but felt more like it was trying to be a live action anime and a video game at the same time. If it was a game, I’d totally play it.

I’m probably going to post a few more movie reviews, because my movie collection is formidable and I have a lot of movies to review. I’m always buying more (some that I’ve never seen before) at Walmart if they look interesting. I have over 100 movies, and I’m always watching them (or at least have them on in the background while I do something else) so there will be a number of reviews on my end soon.

I should be posting some more recipes soon as well, so watch for those.

What are you watching? Have you seen Sucker Punch? What did you think?


25 Oct

A few months ago, my friend Mike introduced me to Swagbucks. Basically, you sign up, search (like google), play games, watch videos, whatever, and earn points. These points allow you to buy things like gift cards, electronics, jewelery, makeup, games, just about anything.

Also, you get points for referring people, so I’m about to make my shameless referral. It doesn’t cost you any money (unless you buy things, which will just get you more points), so click below and sign up!

Did you sign up? Did ya? Did ya did ya did ya?