The Magical Garden

10 Jul

My garden is magical. I swear. How else would it fill so quickly with weeds? It seems like yesterday that I planted my snapdragons and then BOOM now it looks like this:

Ok, so maybe it was 2 months ago and no one’s weeded since then. But really, it hasn’t rained in like 2 weeks and everything that’s not a weed is dying. We had an ozone action day on Friday. I’m still trying to figure out why, since it’s not like anyone who hasn’t been watering their grass even has grass to cut anymore (note the sad grass in the background of these pictures.) Even the succulent was like “WTFFFFFF mannn??”

Poor succulent. It just doesn’t understand.

And the Japanese Maple out front is none to pleased.

Kirby was just annoyed that he had to be outside.

Before going out back, I opened up all of the windows in the house and turned on the water out front that has a buried soaker hose. I turned on the radio and went outside to start weeding when all of a sudden I hear this weird white noise. I thought that it was the radio, but I had no idea why the radio would randomly go out so steadily and for such a long time. Upon further investigation, I discovered that the soaker hose had EXPLODED in one area, SHOT the impatiens that it was under at the house, and was spraying water at the open window. Uhh oops?

Anyway, through the magic of television the internet, this is what my garden looked like an hour and a half later.

See those snapdragons? We bought them for a grand total of $1.50 on 75% off clearance because they’d been through a late frost and they thought they weren’t salvageable. Turns out, they were. They’ve bloomed 4 or 5 times so far this year, a different shade of pink each time, and hopefully they’re going to drop seeds at some point so we have these again next year. I planted hyacinth and allium, but they never came up. Basically, we forgot to put them in the ground in November, so we put them in the freezer and hoped it might work. Clearly it didn’t, but that was another sale purchase so it didn’t matter that much.

After that garden, I moved onto the coreopsis area, where the garden gnome was hiding behind some thistle.

It cleaned up quite nicely

Free gnomeo!

There was also the parts that I didn’t take before pictures of

Just pretend that behind the ornamental grass and the other thing that I don’t know the name of and can’t believe I didn’t kill last year, there’s a TON of weeds.

It took be about 2 hours to get everything done. I packed a basket full of weeds (Which I also didn’t take a picture of) and I’m feeling pretty accomplished. I also cleaned my whole kitchen and got rid of an obscene amount of mail, including some quality coupon clipping time, AND made muffins from scratch (I’ll show you that tomorrow)

For now, here’s some pretty pictures of flowers.

I love lillies.

I don’t love the hoop things that we bought for them.

Doesn’t it look like a magazine? I don’t think there’d be so many weeds in a magazine.

Oh, and here’s what happens when you plant leeks and then ignore them for 2 years.



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