I got something in the mail

15 May

I got home last week from a great week running around with my boyfriend, and there was a box sitting on my bed. I love getting packages, especially when I know what wonderful things are waiting for me inside.

I didn’t quite know how wonderful until I opened it and found it stuffed with these dissolvable, compostable packing peanuts.

Well, they weren’t ALL compostable. I found two that were polystyrene.

I dug down a ways and found some stickers.

They’re adorable.

After a while, I found these. They’re the American Audio HP700 headphones that I won from Sonic Electronix last month! The first thing that I loved about these is the packaging. Usually, something like this would be sealed in an airtight, plastic thing that you would need a pair of scissors to open and pray you don’t hit the headphones inside. These had shrink wrap around a plastic box that had little tabs that you could just pull open. I have a weak spot for quality, easy consumer  packaging.

In the package were the headphone, velvet ear covers (the ones on them are vinyl), two 1/4″ jack adapters, and a carrying bag. I still can’t figure out how to replace the ear covers.

The headphones themselves are beautiful. They’re adjustable, and they turn and twist as you see fit. There’s padding on the band across the top, and the covers swivel to adjust to your ear. The sound quality is phenomenal. I would be ecstatic if my car sounded half as good as these headphones. The highs and lows are clear, and the bass is pounding. I don’t have to turn my volume up very much to hear everything clearly. These will make a great replacement for my poor quality laptop speakers.

Did I mention how beautiful they are?


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