Women and Computer Science

17 Apr

I just found this article: SCIENCE: Women Don’t Like Male Dominated Computer Geek Stuff and it was really interesting to me. Basically, a study was performed where they put men and women in different rooms, one furnished with stereotypical geek stuff, and the other with art and nature stuff. They were then asked to fill out a questionnaire about  computer science. The women’s opinions were significantly higher in the room with art and nature stuff than the room with stereotypical geek stuff.

Maybe it’s just me, but who were these women?? I love computers and computery stuff… not to mention Star Trek and computer games (Portal whaaaat??) I even took a JAVA programming class when I was in high school. Not that I remember any of it, but I still took it! In my defense, the class wasn’t that great and totally turned me off to ITT Tech. I just don’t understand why more women aren’t more interested in science. Maybe I just like to know things, but knowing how the world works is probably one of the most interesting things to me.

I wish more women liked math and science (I’m not saying I like math!)


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