Get excited!

13 Apr

Ok, maybe you shouldn’t but I am! I’ve spent the past few days trying to write meal plans for this summer. I’m almost done with one week. I’m starting Weight Watchers (again) this summer, and the plan is to stick with it in the fall when I finally get my apartment and don’t have to eat cafeteria food (which is incredibly bad for you, FYI.) I’ve fallen in love with Skinny Taste, which has a TON a recipes that I’m going to try this summer.

Anyway, the reason why I’m getting so excited is because this weekend, I found out that I can paint my apartment as long as I paint it back at the end of the semester! I’m also excited because an apartment means I need plates and silverware, which means I get to shop for housewares, which is one of my favorite hobbies.

Of course, shopping for housewares makes me do things like try to rationalize buying things like this $60 ($40 on sale!) 10 piece punch bowl set… which I know is completely ridiculous because why do I need a glass punch bowl in college, but it’s SO CUTEEEEEEEE!!

I really do love these dishes, though, and they’re on sale for $50 at the moment, so they might get a buy from me. I just wish the JCPenney website worked a little better.

I also really really like the simplicity of this flatware. It has this satin finish that I just can’t get over, and the way the spoons are shaped is beautiful. I can get obsessive over shapes. I just wish the forks were three pronged instead of four. That would just make everything feel a little bit more classy.


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