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“T” shirts

25 Mar

So, the other day I was looking at fonts, and I came across these – five shirts made to look like Helvetica, Caslon, Bakersville, Courier, and Coopers Black fonts. I’m in love. They were designed by Masashi Kawamura, who designed an awesome Axe billboard where a picture of a woman wearing a white shirt it sprayed with water every hour. Pretty sweet design if you ask me, but I wonder if the people in the square would also be sprayed with water? Or at least back-spray.

That’s neither here nor there. I’m in love with these shirts, especially the Cooper Black shirt that is at the top of the page. I’m less of a fan of the other four because they have to be stretched around something to retain the shape of the letter,  but I’m a fontophile, so anything regarding fonts is just beautiful to me. I also love clothing especially clothing with unique design elements, and I would love to try to replicate one of these tops.


I am a serial blogger

25 Mar

I am a serial blogger. I’ve registered countless blogs, leaving most of them with one post, or worse, none. I get excited about a topic, and thing “I could write about this”, so I start a blog. I almost never get past the “why I started this” ose, which are usually rambling on about how this is my 49th blog and I’m so bad but I swear I’ll update this one ever day/Monday, Wednesday, and Friday/every week/all the time because I’m OMG SO INTERESTED IN THIS TOPIC!

Except then I find something else that I love, because I love so many things. I have a million interests, and my problem is, I pick one. Then it turns into something that isn’t fun anymore. Something more like work than the fun thing that it started as. It goes quickly from something that I fell in love with, to a job that I’m not getting paid for.

But this one is different. Not only am I completely in love with the topic (myself) and I find it facinating, but I’m paying for it. I am also using this as a space to house all of my desgn work, and spreading my URL via QR code on my business card.

I’m also not limiting myself. I’m not going to write here every day, but I might write here twice a day – maybe more! It dopends on my life and how I’m feeling at the moment.